Leo Palmer used to tour as a backup singer with several rockstars. He was happily married and had his own funk band. But that was a long time ago. Today he is divorced, works as an audiobook recorder in a sound studio, and is dating himself through the women in his area. Since his marriage with the love of his life ended decades earlier, he finds himself unable to commit to anyone else.

Until then he meets her!

Leo usually doesn’t get involved with married women and Mona quickly realizes that Leo is an emotionally-disturbed womanizer, yet, fate and music bring them together for one night.

The deal is clear: one night. No reunion.

But the time they spend together just ends up being too good…

In the middle of their reunion, Leo learns that his idol Prince has died – and from one moment to the next everything is different. Shocked, Leo seeks comfort from his old band – and thus also from his ex-wife, Stella.

While the band creates a worldwide tribute for Prince, Leo realizes that he has to face his past if he wants a future with Mona…

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