A search for Prince’s most essential songs

Music journalist Edgar Kruize (fan since Around The World In A Day from 1985) and copywriter Marthijn Klopper (fan since 1999 from 1982) re-examine all Prince studio releases on PurplePicks.net. From his debut from 1978 to the latest release, we re-listen with critical ear and go in search of the essential tracks per album.

But … Why the hell? Hasn’t enough been written about Prince’s music? Yes. But Kruize and Klopper do this because they like it. But also because, more than 30 years later, they know no more better than that they love Prince. And because they want to substantiate for themselves what they love about it. Because, admittedly, they have not heard certain albums for a while and want to rediscover them.

But they mainly do this because they want to tell the audience that Prince really only knows about Purple Rain , When Doves Cry , Kiss , Cream and other hits, that there is more, much more to discover in the impressive oeuvre of His Royal Badness. Since April 21, 2016, our quest has been given a deeper meaning. We hope that in this way we can also familiarize people who have just got to know Prince ‘music a little bit with this.

Shut up already, damn! 
Welcome to Purple Picks ! Many reading and (later) listening pleasure.