PRN Alumni Foundation, officially formed in 2017, is comprised of former employees of Paisley Park and the international icon Prince. The group’s mission is to continue the generosity of their late boss who supported opportunities for underprivileged youth to grow in music, tech, arts and education, and helped alumni members in-need. The foundation also supports urban farming initiatives that create sources of healthy foods where they are otherwise scarce.

Through the years Prince made numerous personal donations to support causes that aligned with his values. He may have started in a small way by donating to local schools and charities, but as his celebrity grew so did his generosity. He was a true humanitarian who supported many causes and was especially drawn to youth programs that focused on enriching children’s lives with music.

He was also known for helping those who were part of his inner circle by providing financial means to ease the hardship of an unexpected death or serious illness. His support, which was most often anonymous, provided others with a sense of hope and a means to carry on.

With the artist’s own sudden passing many of these organizations experienced an abrupt decrease in funding. Those who worked at Paisley Park were left with a great sense of loss but also a considerable desire to continue the good work began by the man who led them.

The collaborative of former employees became the finite PRN Alumni. These individuals who worked closest with him often on a daily, around-the-clock basis formed a foundation with a unified purpose of continuing Prince’s legacy of social justice and charitable giving.