“In the short time that I have had the opportunity to photograph Prince, the comment I’ve heard the most from fans worldwide is that I have the best job ever. Aside from actually being in the band, they’re right. Prince, as an artist, expects and is willing to give creative freedom. This took a little getting used to since the greater part of the industry runs on formulas and “proven methods.” Preparing for one of my first shoots with prince and the NPG, I asked him what he wanted to do. His response was unexpected and initially put me in panic. He said, “We want your creativity to spark our imagination.” What was I going to do that would measure up to the years of great photos that already existed of him? The point is, like true fans know, Prince challenges those around him to grow and create and look at things from unique points of view. The magic and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands compliment Prince, his music and his being. In this collection of photos, you’ll see Prince at his most relaxed and I believe truest nature. Enjoy.” – Afshin Shahidi, Photographer