Working closely with Prince & Paisley Park for over 20 years while at WB Records, Marylou has created a book filled with a unique perspective .. 

Working closely with Prince and those in his organization for over 20 years while at Warner Bros. Records, Marylou Badeaux has created a book filled with a unique perspective on the shy and enigmatic musician, all from her personal observations and interactions.

“While his talent was unquestioned, very few people got to see the person who could be the ultimate jokester one moment, quietly doing something charitable in the next, and then disappearing back into his world of creating music,” observed Marylou.

The book covers the time from when Prince originally signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1978 through over 20 years following.

In addition to dozens of untold stories, the book features over 80 photographs which feature everything from casual photographs on the road, images of notes and cards, as well as a series of photographs the author took in the Paisley Park facility in the 1980’s. Those photographs include areas of the facility not seen before, including rare images of Prince’s office/apartment.

Prince and Paisley Park saxophone player, Eric Leeds, has written the foreword.